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please remember to get hedgehog food before you come back. Also Jackie is lethargic and I’m worried that she’s getting lonely without a buddy in there.


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This world was yours before it was mine –

Full of fire and the mysteries you sought.

Then you breathed life in me,

And saw your eyes in my own —


Oceans, skies, envy.


I wish I had the words.

Out of all the ones you taught me,

You never told me how to make you proud.

Out of all the world you showed me,

You never guided me to one that was good enough for you.


Oceans, skies, envy.


I was never good enough for you.

How I wished I could make you proud,

But your disappointment has all but smothered my faith now.

I wish you would see me as something other than a failure.

Between My Teeth

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Keep running, little rabbit –

It’s worked out great for you so far.

[[Exactly 99% of people who tell you they don’t judge you are fucking liars.]]

It’s The Little Things

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I asked you which side you wanted to be on,
(Talking about the bed, mind you)
And instead you touched my cheek
And stole my heart again with your sleepy coffee eyes,
And simply said


Piscean Heart

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Piscean heart you lay encased in the waves

Could I but dive into the darkness and wake your sleeping light,

Breath, hope —

I would drink the ocean to drown your sorrow.


I adore your tsunami tongue,

Your hurricane eyes, the salty scrape of your teeth.


Could I but catch your Neptune fingers

I would draw you to the surface,

and instead of drowning,


We could swim in the sky.

True North

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You are my True North,

My bright star shining through the dark


Oh darling you are my electric Aroura,

The smoke of your breath a glimmering Borealis,

The ocean of your eyes a sheer drop into heaven.


Oh star of my woods, sing to my sorrow!

Draw me in from my directionless rage,

Pull me into the safety of your snowscapes.


You are my True North and my heart follows you like a compass,

Magnetic, unstoppable —


Let me touch your burning supernova soul with my teeth

Let me hunt and chase you in my dreams

Until the echoes of your voice haunt my every waking hour.

Word to the Wise

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Loving a fighter is like loving the sun.
He is bright. He will burn you.
He will rage at the darkness. He will, ultimately, fall into himself and end in destruction if he loses faith in life.
But he is warm and gentle and uplifting,
And energetic and selfless in his sunshine.
You will never find a lighter heart,
Or a heavier core,
Or a more ruthless fire at the ends of the universe.
You will never see love travel as fast as the speed of his light,
And you will never douse the seething roar that ricochets in his eyes.
Loving a fighter is like loving heaven, and hell, and pain –
And you will never wish it any other way.


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