On Becoming a Titan

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On becoming an iron-hearted warrior,
And the queen of beasts,
The devourer of sorrow –

If you want the earth to tremble beneath your feet,
Lift it on your shoulders and carry it.
If you want your voice to be heard,
Sharpen your teeth on diamonds and never mind your bleeding tongue.
If you want your heart to beat without skip or failure,
Feed it like a hungry wolf, and chase your dreams like fevered ghosts.

If you want strength,
Make it for yourself.
There is no other way.
If you want to carry yourself,
Learn to walk with your fragile legs,
Then drag the weight of your own sins without regret.

If you want the crown,
It must be earned.
And if you want to challenge the gods,
You must become stronger than their fatal pride.

Iron Heart

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I began as a thought

as a scream behind closed doors

and they called me gentle and sweet and beautiful


And then I met you

and my silence scraped your nerves raw

and you begged me to open my mouth and speak.


And I pleaded with you,

‘no, I don’t want to, I’m so scared.’


But you stayed.

And you reached inside my mouth and pulled out the lump of wax

that had kept me from speaking

made of the buzzing of a thousand anxious bees

As if they were looking for reasons to make me implode.


So finally

I spoke.

And the voice that spewed from my mouth was acid

And quicksilver

And corrosive

And everyone turned their back on me.


The process of grief was too long and too sharp,

and my heart turned to iron, a lump of cold metal

until you ignited me again.


I am an iron-hearted warrior,

The ruler of the beasts and the dark things,

with the molten metal heart that fears nothing on this earth.


I was not crafted gently,

I was forged

from the grief and pain that my own silence caused me.


But now I am the one with sharp teeth,

I am the one with a snarling smile,

I am the one draped in wolf fur

And painted in the blood of my slain enemies.


I am an iron heart,

Brazen and blazing,

And I will never be broken again.

Text Message

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please remember to get hedgehog food before you come back. Also Jackie is lethargic and I’m worried that she’s getting lonely without a buddy in there.


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This world was yours before it was mine –

Full of fire and the mysteries you sought.

Then you breathed life in me,

And saw your eyes in my own —


Oceans, skies, envy.


I wish I had the words.

Out of all the ones you taught me,

You never told me how to make you proud.

Out of all the world you showed me,

You never guided me to one that was good enough for you.


Oceans, skies, envy.


I was never good enough for you.

How I wished I could make you proud,

But your disappointment has all but smothered my faith now.

I wish you would see me as something other than a failure.

Between My Teeth

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Keep running, little rabbit –

It’s worked out great for you so far.

[[Exactly 99% of people who tell you they don’t judge you are fucking liars.]]

It’s The Little Things

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I asked you which side you wanted to be on,
(Talking about the bed, mind you)
And instead you touched my cheek
And stole my heart again with your sleepy coffee eyes,
And simply said


Piscean Heart

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Piscean heart you lay encased in the waves

Could I but dive into the darkness and wake your sleeping light,

Breath, hope —

I would drink the ocean to drown your sorrow.


I adore your tsunami tongue,

Your hurricane eyes, the salty scrape of your teeth.


Could I but catch your Neptune fingers

I would draw you to the surface,

and instead of drowning,


We could swim in the sky.


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